Policewoman Says She is Being Wrongly Charged For Ganja

A video recently surfaced on the internet of a policewoman making allegations about members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who were seniors of the police high command.
In the video, the woman identified herself as Detective Sergeant Tamika Taylor and spoke about an injustice that has happened to her while accusing several past and present seniors of the JCF of wrongfully victimizing her. Taylor acknowledged that people might view the video as a “career suicide”, but she openly admitted that she was frustrated and desperate.
She explained that on January 15, 2020, she had a meeting with current Police Commissioner Anthony Anderson where she “blow the whistle” on a number of high-ranking members of the JCF. She stated that an investigation was not thoroughly conducted, and she was somehow victimized and now faces ganja charges.
Her allegations went on to say that the ruling on her charge was already made in January of last year by the Director of Public Prosecutions, but an inspector falsely dated the ruling last Thursday to the court.
Taylor explained that her issues in the force started in 2011 when she applied for a promotion, but her promotion froze after she had an altercation with a high-ranking member of the police high command at Owen Ellington’s residence where she was attending a party.

Taylor claimed that she had successfully passed a polygraph test she took for the promotion, but she was later informed in a meeting with Owen Ellington and his four deputy commissioners that she had failed.
“I will reveal the monsters in this organization that I have been trying to….and I will not say I have been trying to fight them, all I am doing is trying to defend that which you have promised me. You told me to do certain things, and I did them. And as a result of that, you victimized me to the extent that I am about to be charged,” she expressed.


The Observer Online contacted Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, who is the head of the Corporate Communications Unit which is the information arm of the JCF, and she confirmed that an investigation did take place regarding a ganja finding in the past which was handled by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Superintendent Lindsay stated that it was indeed last week it was ruled for Taylor to be charged.
When everything has been properly handled, Taylor will be charged before the court and automatically be suspended until the case is resolved and closed. The Superintendent explained that Taylor breached the JCF policy when she created the video and posted it. Superintendent Lindsay said that the video will be properly assessed by the IPROB (Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau) who will advise them on how to handle the matter.

Taylor promised to release more videos outlining everything that is happening to her.

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