Popcaan and Crew Went Janga Hunting – Watch Videos

Despite being used to the finer things in life, international Dancehall artiste Popcaan is known for his adventurous nature and for sticking to his roots. He often posts pictures and videos to his social media about his latest adventures taken with his entourage when in his home country, Jamaica.

This time is no different as the Where We Come From deejay gathers the crew together for a day on a river trail to catch Janga. Janga is the term Jamaicans use to refer to the crustacean, crayfish, which resembles a small lobster.

The entertainer posted a host of videos of his latest adventure to his Instagram page and stories, which he captioned, “Adventure Business! #YUHLEARN 🤣🤣.” The videos showed the group’s progress along the trail, over hills, and through bushes as they tried to secure the janga.

In one video, Popcaan said, “Watch yah now nuh, wi agguh ketch some janga today. Wi nuh have the right dress code fi e janga bush but it agguh work.” He and his companions were then seen travelling upstream through shallow waters.

They stopped multiple times, scouring the area for the shellfish and after catching them they put them in a bottle with water for safekeeping. There were several other videos that featured Popcaan and his crew joking around, picking coconut, cooking fish, and riding in a four-wheel dirt bike.

Watch the videos below:

After a day of trekking through the shallows, a video was captured of Popcaan’s white sneakers filled with hitchhiker plants, known to be called burs. “Yow, bay bur dem yah innuh…if yuh nuh know a wah a bur…so it guh, yah fi run the bush red,” the singer stated.

When the videos were posted, many reacted by praising him for sticking to his roots or trying to identify what they were catching. Millionaire_goat21 said, “It’s a good thing when a person doesn’t forget where they came from,” and _briicarter_ exclaimed, “Think seh mi did come from bush. Mi can’t identify weh yuh ketch or weh u did a eat. 😂”

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