Popcaan and Squash Beef Getting from Bad to Worse

The ongoing feud between Dancehall artistes Popcaan and Squash has spiralled to an even higher level of disrespect, with both men speaking about each other’s mother.

Since the initial audio and video in which Popcaan reportedly called Squash a thief and a homosexual and the 6ix Boss responding with his slew of disrespect towards the unruly singer, they have added more fuel to the fire.

Recently, Poppy, as he is affectionately known, took to Instagram to defend his speech and further disrespect his adversary Squash in a post. The “Stray Dog” singer wrote, “Anything unruly say we defend that!!! S**k yuh Muma!!”

It didn’t take long for the “Cold Blood” singer to respond to the message sent by his counterpart. Like a counter-punching boxer, he unleashed telling blows on his opponent. “Me nuh go back and forth with [clown emoji] you and none a you gun bag fren dem cyaa diss me try know dildo tongue boy,” said Squash.

He continued his onslaught by saying, “You and you wull family a sadomite big ba**y boy go tun rhona a you head and belch and burp bad me bad ina real life.”

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Sqaush seemingly deleted his stories shortly after posting them.

Popcaan later deleted his disrespectful story and posted a video of a heavy-duty machine with the caption, “Them sitten ya me a dealid.” “Inspiration to the youths,” he continued.

Ironically, both artistes have the same Christian name, Andre. However, they are not seeing eye to eye nor acting Christian-like at the moment.

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