Popcaan attacks Fully Bad online after being called a “Fish”

Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 5:13 PM

Trouble, jumped off recently with The Unruly Camp and upcoming artiste Fullybad, as a member of Popcaan’s squad referred to the young entertainer as a homosexual in a live Instagram recently.

The live was being done by Quada, which saw Petro Unruly popping up in the comments and controversially stating that “Fullybad a Battyman from up suh”.


It is somewhat unclear if there was any prior contention between the entertainers that caused the disrespectful comment but what is known is that Fullybad was a part of Popcaan’s unruly clash a few years a back which resulted in Quada being signed to the record label.

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In a quick response to the comment made by Petro Unruly Fullybad replied: ” A yuh boss a fish, none a unu nuh unruly”.

This comment seemed to aggravate Popcaan who immediately messaged Fully Bad directly telling him “Youth know yo likkle bleech out self, member a me give you the name fullybad a unruly clash, a me first start give you energy, don’t bright yo bom$oclaat self wid me, don’t tag me ina unu likkle kids thing”.

The young artiste was not willing to make Popcaan win the war of words and again he made a screenshot, this time of the direct message and then went on to post about it.

Fullybad’s caption for the post was ” My mada name mi and mi talent give me the name Fullybad. Man all big yuh up inna interview. My youth Wul yuh corner bout energy yah JPS…. Control yuh cartoon character dem…. bun off dat”.

He then went on to tag Poppy in the post which afterwards had loyal unruly fans commenting against negatively again.

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