Popcaan Makes Conch Salad – Watch Videos

In a seemingly endless quest for a wide array of food, Dancehall artiste Popcaan has cooked pork, fish, and janga (crayfish), and in his latest endeavours, cheffed up some conch salad.

The entertainer has recently delved into making seafood and sharing it with his fans by posting the process on social media. His latest dish is a conch salad, and a conch is a marine mollusc or shellfish that normally resides in huge shells known as seashells.

The Great Is He deejay posted videos with the caption, “Conch hunting!!” and shows viewers what a conch looks like and how he prepares it. One video shows Popcaan trying to capture the conch’s eyes on video and repeatedly touching the sea creature which quickly tries to retreat into its shell to hide.

Another video shows Popcaan walking across the deck with two conchs in hand to store in the front compartment of his green jet ski while saying, “wah full up the bom**cl**t jet ski trunk a bom**cl**t conch right now.”

Multiple videos that show the food’s preparation were also uploaded, showing the deejay and his crew mixing and plating the conch salad and adding lime juice. Some of the ingredients, along with the diced conch and lime juice seemed to be diced onions, tomatoes, sweet peppers and salt.

Watch the videos below:

In the comment section of the post, savyqua said, “One thing wid Poppy…him a goh cook,” and one_bawse_cartel mentioned, “Poppy always a mood I tell yuh.”

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