Popcaan “Traumatized” Opens Up About His Friend ‘Unruly Shagel’ Getting 38 Stabs inside His House

“A real G mi seh R.I.P you are the meaning to loyalty” Popcaan releases a new reflective emotional song called “Traumatized”. Popcaan is clearly still hurting about his “Bredda” getting stabbed to death at his house located in upper St Andrew Home.

Reports are that Shagel was stabbed to death in his bed while Popcaan was overseas touring. It is believed that Thompson was killed in an attempted robbery


Popcaan said the following right after Shagel’s untimely death “me carry one a me bredda dem from St Thomas – me family. Me carry him come a town wid me fi better him life and better him family life, and some bwoy go inna me house go kill him. But guess wah, God see everything and God know everything ’cause Shagel a one a di realest yute weh me ever know inna me life, yuh hear dat, and a my bredda dat and me love him fi life.”

The unruly deejay also went on to quote one of his hit songs “Me nuh know weh dem kill yuh fa, all now me nuh know weh dem kill yuh fah, but Jah knows,” Popcaan sang. “So yuh know when yuh true fren gone, when yuh hurt till yuh can’t stop bawl, me heart move when a your name call, big man a cry like gyal,”

Shagel was 38-year-old and from the same community that Pocaan is from in St Thomas.

Popcaan’s new song also features a voice note seemingly from Unruly Shagel about taking his kids to school on time.

Popcaan went on to state that people are saying that he set up Unruly Shagel but if someone should tell him that to his face they would regret it as he would take out his anger on that person.

Some Lyrics “unruly fi life though… yo hear mi a seh nuh man R.I.p enuh shagel, from di time we a wul it pan di paza a Morant Bay enuh.. yeah man RIP to a real G enuh.. Mama seh fi lef e gun pan mi cah leave it… papa seh fi lef e gun pan mi cah leave it… Dwog this a mussi one sign wah mek wi guh trust man kind, cud a wah mi bredda duh yo dwog mek yo affi stab him 38 time”.


Listen to the full song below

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