Popcaan ‘Press Out’ 3-Wheel Motorcycle On Portland Highway With Other Bikers – Watch Video

A video was shared showing Dancehall artiste Popcaan riding a three-wheeled motorcycle with his associates. Fans often enjoy watching videos of the renowned deejay as he indulges in life’s simple pleasures when he’s not living a superstar lifestyle.

The video captures Popcaan zooming through the streets on his motorcycle, while his associate follows closely, recording the deejay and their journey.

The deejay travels with exhilarating speed and meets more bikers along the way. The group of motorcyclists can be seen blazing along Portland Highway, their engines roaring and blending with the sound of the wind as they ride onward.

“Yow a one thing wid Papa Skull when him a press out di spider, him and Biggie enuh, dem nuh laugh enuh,” the vlogger for Flavah_squad said.

Watch the video of Popcaan below:

The video was shared on YouTube on Saturday, attracting positive responses from viewers. However, the exact date the video was recorded is unknown.

One viewer said, “Fully unruly big up flavah squad 🤟 npt hot oil 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

Another viewer said, “Popcaan know da road yuh fukkunruly n Gaza fi life Eastside.”️

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