Dramatic Chase: Policeman on Motorcycle Pursues Taxi Loaded with Passengers! – Watch Video

A video has surfaced showing a policeman on a motorcycle chasing a taxi full of passengers in Jamaica. Despite the passengers voicing concerns and protesting against the driver’s increasing speed to evade the officer, the taxi operator did not stop.

In the video, the passengers’ distressed voices can be heard while one passenger records, seeingly via phone, the policeman in pursuit of the vehicle. In the audio, a woman can be heard calling out for “Jesus,” while another female says, “Oh my gosh man.”

The person recording then angles the camera to capture the inside of the taxi. Meanwhile, the women repeatedly call out to the driver, with one person telling him that he is “making things worse.”

Additionally, a male voice can be heard telling the driver, “The tyre dem nuh good. It nuh mek nuh sense yuh try run from him enuh.”

Near the end of the video, one of the women tells the driver, “let mi out… Alright tek yuh time driver.”

Watch the video of the incident below:

The video was shared on Instagram by Island Thriller Magazine, but the date and location of the incident are unknown.

In the comments, one of the viewers expressed, “Moms seh jeezas lol taxi boy nah ease up.”

Another viewer wrote, “Police was instructed not to pursue passenger vehicle with passengers.”

A third viewer said, “Law abiding citizens don’t run from police that’s all I have to say to all the persons trying to defend his actions.”

Read more of the comments below:

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