Senior Jamaican Policeman “a try manipulate mi child so is like she can hate me,” Says Distressed Mother

A teenage girl is reportedly facing emotional and mental distress due to her father’s cruel behaviour. The child’s mother disclosed the situation that her daughter is facing in Jamaica while exposing the father, a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

In detailed messages to Yardhype, the mother, who resides in Europe, shared that the 46-year-old policeman has been keeping her daughter away from her. “Mi daughter father who a police weh deh inna di force over 25 years a try manipulate mi child so is like she can hate me,” the mother said.

The father, identified by the initials D.M., initially wanted the mother to abort the baby when she got pregnant while still attending school, according to the messages. Police officer D.M. was taken to court for not contributing to his child’s expenses, and the mother received $10,000 at the time, according to a receipt shown by the mother.

“The man neva yet go a parent teacher meeting,” one message said. Another message added, “He was never active in her life, she graduated from primary school 2 years ago and not even the graduation he went to. Use excuse that he had work when he could at least call in sick and be there for his child.”

In 2019, when the mother was going abroad to improve her financial status, the father insisted on caring for the little girl, resulting in her living with him.

Now, at the age of 13, the girl is reportedly being belittled by her father so much that her grades have fallen. The messages indicated that her daughter’s grades have taken a hit because of how her father treats her and the lies his girlfriend has told her. It was also noted that the policeman cheated on his girlfriend and has another child.

The policeman’s current girlfriend, who he reportedly used to say bad words about, along with her family members are telling the teen lies about her mother, according to the mother.

Another message said, “The man call him pitney Jancro, say she no deserve ntn good inna life and him no see har as no daughter all becaz she did a misbehave a school. The pitney grades dem a drop caz she stress out.”

School grades

Furthermore, the mother detailed that she wanted her daughter to join her overseas, but “the man did fi look bout the child passport and give consent so the mother can have her and he denied it say him nav no time.”

Additionally, the mother said when she tried to take her daughter on a trip to a small island for her birthday, her father filled her head with lies, suggesting that her mother would take her across the American border.

The mother highlights that she is upset at the father’s actions, additionally, because the father works and lives in Kingston while the child stays in Clarendon with his siblings.

Concluding the messages, the distressed mother said, “My child is hurting emotionally and mentally.”

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