16-year-Old Student Attacks Teacher In Classroom

December 13, 2023

A newly released video shows the horrifying moment a Las Vegas student attacked his teacher and proceeded to rape her in a classroom. At exactly 1:33 pm on the day, surveillance footage shows Jonathan Martinez-Garcia, who was then 16 years old wandering the school hall.

After trying to enter a closed door, he proceeded to walk along, about midway through the hall, he turned around and walked back towards the classroom he first tried to enter, a head of the teacher also peaked out via the classroom’s door.


The video next cuts to the female teacher referred to as Sade seemingly being dragged back into the classroom by Martinez-Garcia during a struggle.

Sade Recounting The Incident In Court

After that round of events between Sade and Martinez-Garcia, the video picks up at 3.05 pm, a little over an hour after the suspect entered the classroom. He then departs from the classroom, holding his head down.

Also released was bodycam footage from Clark County School District Police officers. In the footage, a police officer who was looking for the suspect pulled over a car with Garcia-Martinez inside. The officer then exited his vehicle and approached the suspect’s car, saying, “Hey, driver turn the car off, turn the car off.”

Jonathan Martinez-Garcia During His Sentencing

Martinez-Garcia then stepped out of the car, dressed in a different outfit than the one he used to commit the offence. The officer then proceeded to ask the suspect, “You know why we’re here?” to which Martinez-Garcia replied, “No.”

See the video HERE: WATCH

Martinez-Garcia Been Arrested

The deranged student was revealed to have knocked unconscious the teacher after a brutal beating during Martinez-Garcia’s sentencing hearing in June 2023, in which he was sentenced to 16- 40 years. During the attack, it was also revealed that Martinez-Garcia asked the victim, at one point, “why wont you just die?”.


See the video HERE: WATCH

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