These 3 Young Students Going Viral After Posing With Cigarettes in Class – Watch Video

Friday, December 8, 2023, 9:07 PM GMT-5

A brazen video of three Jamaican students flaunting unlit cigarettes is currently making rounds on social media.

The video, shared Friday evening, shows two boys and one girl dressed in their uniforms inside a classroom.

At the beginning of the footage, the schoolboy filming the incident captured himself with a cigarette poking out of his mouth.

He subsequently pointed the camera at each of his associates as they also posed with their unlit cigarettes in their mouths. 

After the video was shared on Instagram by influencer @romario_granville, some watchers scolded the children for their actions, and others brushed the matter off as they recalled their own mischievous childhoods.

Watch the video of the students below:

For instance, IG user _sherwayne_ said, “If a my pickney the box weh me give them all me ancestors them wudda fold Inna them tomb👏🔥.” Another IG user named _sherwayne_ commented, “A the little girl me sorry fah🤣🤣.”

Additionally, IG user Taniesh came to the children’s defence, saying, “We all did did this, whether with paper or banana leaf, difference is that we were not given the tools to expose ourselves.”

Read more comments below:

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