WATCH: Female Student in Heated Violent Confrontation With Teacher in Class

Thursday, November 30, 2023, 8:01 AM

There continue to be behavioural problems in schools surrounding students who resort to violence during confrontations, whether it be with other students or adults. More and more of these incidents are also being caught on camera and circulated online.

One such incident involves a schoolgirl and an older gentleman with at least two more individuals involved. The video taken of the altercation shows the student and a man, possibly her father, in a school classroom with two people at the door.


The man had the student’s school bag and seemed to be trying to prevent an escalation in her behaviour but she refused to listen. The audio heard the gentleman stating, “Look here, mi a say this to you, don’t go too far.”

To this, the girl replied, “…mi nah go noweh ennuh. A swear to God.” This was followed up by the girl addressing the individual who was videoing the incident by the door. She said, “Hey likkle su*k h**d woman, take that offa mi.”

She was then pushed out of the way by the man, prompting her to reach for a metal chair and attempt to throw it towards the doorway, seemingly at the person taking the video. The door was quickly closed, it is unclear if anyone was hit, but a woman, dressed like a teacher at the institution, walked away laughing after the incident.

Watch the video below:

Commenters after watching the video condemned the student’s actions and also that of the lady at the doorway for laughing when a child was displaying such deplorable behaviour.

Tru_beauty.nails wrote, “The worst part about it is it’s a teacher who is laughing smh,” while mikey_myers22 said, “Well once kids found out that they can kin out dem Battam pon only fans or beg pon tik tok and get rich…dem nuh care bout school or 9-5 jobs…”

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