Elderly Teacher and Young Student Put on Big Fight in Class

An elderly female teacher and a young male student got into a crazy fight during class after a standoff, now footage of the incident is making rounds online.

What started the dispute between the teacher and student is unknown, but whatever transpired led to a close-up confrontation.


The confrontation, in which the student was inches away from the teacher’s face, resulted in the schoolboy shoving his instructor away after telling her to get out of his face. However, the description that accompanied the video indicated that the boy was the one who got into the teacher’s face.

After being pushed, the teacher retaliated by hitting the boy, who ultimately fell to the ground.

When the teacher pulled him up off the ground in an attempt to make him leave her classroom, the fight continued as the boy hit her and called her a “b*tch”. Eventually, someone pried the two apart, and other students were heard scolding the boy before the video concluded.

Watch the video of the incident HERE https://yardhype.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Female-Teacher-and-Male-Student-Fight-in-Class.mp4

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