Popcaan Reshares Old Interview Highlighting Valiant; Agrees He “Gi Strenght” to Fellow Artistes – Watch Video

Popcaan took to his Instagram stories earlier today to reshare a video that a fan posted of an old interview where the Great Is He was highlighting upcoming artistes.

The short clip was first posted by damhiri who captioned the video, “Top eh f**kry nuff artist the unruly boss gi strength. Simple things a the blessing memba good nuh man 🔥🔥.”

The upload was of an old interview that was done by Popcaan when he appeared on Onstage with Winford Williams. In the video, the Family entertainer stated, “and yuh have Valiant yah suh, Valiant a eh singer eh nuh. Bad, bad singer…”

The post seems to have been posted in response to claims that Popcaan does not perform his role in the dancehall community in the form of helping other artistes to make it in the industry.

Recently, Lisa Hyper did an interview with Shelly-Ann Curran on Tea Time where she mentioned that not only did Popcaan help to ruin Gaza Camp, but he also failed to help local artistes advance their music careers.

There was also bad blood between Popcaan and Sharon Burke of the Solid Agency over his ruined performance at Burna Boy’s Love Damini concert where it was stated that Popcaan spoke against Valiant performing at the show along with Teejay.

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It is unknown, however, to who the post was addressed, or if it was just a general message to shine a light on Popcaan’s good deeds amidst the selective memory of the dancehall community.

Watch the video below:

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