Popcaan’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Disses Him and Talks on His Relationship With Toni-Ann Singh – Watch Video

A woman, who is allegedly an ex-girlfriend of Popcaan, streamed live on TikTok with claims that the superstar is stalking her. However, things took another turn when viewers started saying she was badmind of Popcaan’s current rumoured girlfriend, Toni-Ann Singh.

Following the jealousy accusations, what started as a public announcement by the female who goes by Kyhighlah turned into a rant. Lashing out at the viewers, she tried to shut down all beliefs about her being jealous while dissing Popcaan.

“I don’t know Toni-Ann, I never meet Toni-Ann before, mi and Toni-Ann neva f_ck yet, so mi can not have nothing at all fi say bout Toni-Ann,” she stated. She continued by stating that the viewers were talking about Toni-Ann being prettier than her because they were colourists.

She went on to say that she has been in Popcaan’s life for years, adding that she has spoken about him more than once. She also added that she believed that Popcaan and Toni-Ann’s relationship was a publicity stunt.

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Claiming that Popcaan had more women in the shadows, she said she could call out the names of the others on the roster with Toni-Ann. “A whole heap a we inna di bloodclaat ball field. So weh di f_ck yah talk bout Toni-Ann? Like a nuh bloodclaat bout 20 a we,” she claimed.

According to Kyhighlah, she wanted to be freed from the “shackles” of Popcaan because he was not a good man. While she liked Toni-Ann, she did not like Popcaan because he hurt her in multiple ways and would not leave her alone.

“Him come like some leeches inna mi life…Fi di new year mi nuh wah no wasteman. Mi nuh wah nuh rich wasteman, mi nuh wah nuh bruck waste man,” she continued. She subsequently claimed that Popcaan was unhappy in his relationship and made remarks about him being bad at sex.

“Him don’t have no cocky to offer me,” she added and elaborated on the size being short and the terrible performance.

Watch the live video below:

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