Popcaan’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend leaks Voice Notes in Live Chat – Watch Video

Popcaan’s alleged ex-girlfriend, Kyhighlah, continues to go viral as she posts more videos about being stalked by the entertainer. With many viewers disbelieving that she was ever involved with Popcaan and accusing her of clout chasing, Kyhighlah took things a step further by revealing voice messages that are said to be from Popcaan.

Kyhighlah, an entrepreneur and OnlyFans model, surfaced in the past few days with claims of being a long-standing ex-girlfriend of the dancehall artiste. According to the TikTok Live streams, she was Popcaan’s girlfriend for seven years and tried to end the relationship on multiple occasions.

However, despite her efforts to sever all ties by blocking him, he would find other modes of communication and stalk her. During her rants, she spoke about the sex being unsatisfactory, the artiste having taboo fetishes, and the small size of his manhood.

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In her Live stream yesterday, she sought to clear the air for those who called her a liar. Kyhighlah played an audio of her speaking to a Popcaan, in which she called him a “f*cking john crow” and told him to stop calling her.

In the audio, Popcaan was heard telling Kyhighlah to say “thank you,” to which she refused. “I don’t even know why yuh texting my phone,” she added in the audio. Popcaan replied by stating that he had purchased credit.

She responded with, “What the f*ck? Who the f*ck yuh think yuh is?” He answered, saying, “I’m the 876 Gud. You should do your research.”

Followed by this audio, she played a voice note of him giving her directions to a place they should meet whilst referring to her as “babe.” After sharing another audio of them speaking about a party, she went on to address the viewers by saying, “You guys are weird, telling me that I’m delusional…He don’t have to post me. I don’t give a f*ck.”

She went on to call a friend of hers to confirm that Popcaan was stalking her. Her friend can be heard agreeing that the artiste chased them in his car when he spotted them on the road. She also confirmed that Kyhighlah could not get rid of the entertainer. 

Watch the videos of her leaking the voice notes below:

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