Popcaan’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Resurfaces with More Evidence – Watch Videos

OnlyFans model Kyhighlah has re-emerged onto the internet with even more compelling evidence to prove her past relationship with dancehall artiste Popcaan. Kyhighlah had previously attempted to substantiate her claims that Popcaan was stalking her by releasing voice messages.

While some internet users speculated that the two were involved, others continued to label Kyhighlah “delusional” and dismiss her allegations. Kyhighlah, who has been quiet on the subject for some time, reposted the voice messages and shared three new videos, reigniting the debate and further fueling speculation about the nature of their relationship.


In the first video, Kyhighlah shows a lavish suite at a Portland hotel, which she allegedly shared with Popcaan. The suite is said to have cost $100,000 per night and included a grand bedroom, an outdoor tub, and a pool.

“This is a little blog video of me going to a 100 grand-a-night hotel in Portland by a man that I am delusional about. I don’t know how I appeared in his vehicle,” Kyhighlah said in the voiceover.

Continuing in the video, she shows a diamond Cartier watch and a big diamond-studded “The Kettle Kids” chain, which no doubt carries a striking resemblance to the ones that Popcaan wears.

See the images below:

image 3
Watch from Kyhighlah’s video
Diamond Cartier from Popcaan’s “Skeleton Cartier” music video
Picture1 edited
Chain from Kyhighlah’s video
image 2
Popcaan’s “The Kettle Kids” Chain from “Skeleton Cartier” music video

One viewer made the sly remark that Kyhighlah could not go to his house, only hotels, to which Kyhighlah responded by posting a video showing a view of the mountains. The video was accompanied by the words “Who knows knows” and “Lovely View,” seemingly indicating that she has been to his residence before.

The third video gives a glimpse of a man who is said to be the 876 Gud himself, wearing a white handkerchief over his head, mostly obscuring his face, as he and Kyhighlah enter what appears to be a room.

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Kyhighlah first surfaced in December with claims that Popcaan is the man she can not get rid of after having a secret relationship with him. Popcaan has never publicly confirmed or denied the allegations of having a relationship with Kyhighlah; he instead continued to showcase his current relationship with Toni-Ann Singh.

Watch the video Kyhighlah posted below:

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