Popcaan’s Performance Cut Very Short by Police in Portland – Watch Video

A video clip has been making waves on social media, capturing an unexpected turn of events during a stage show featuring dancehall artiste Popcaan in Portland.

In the video, dancehall sensation Chronic Law captivated the audience with an acapella rendition of lines from his tracks “Still A Bleed” and “Trickster.” The crowd seemed to know the lyrics line-by-line as they sang with the talented artiste.


However, the mood quickly shifted as show host Fyah Doops took to the stage to convey an announcement. He expressed gratitude to the patrons for their presence. He then informed them that the event would end at once, based on instructions from the peace officers on the scene.

A moment of anticipation followed as another individual took the microphone, urging the audience to remain stationary while appealing to the peace officers for an additional 10 minutes.

Just when it seemed that the show would not resume, the voice of dancehall luminary Popcaan echoed through the speakers, stirring excitement among the attendees.

With an air of anticipation, the “Unruly Boss” himself stepped to the forefront of the stage. The crowd’s energy surged at the sound of his voice, eager to witness his performance.

As Popcaan readied himself to start singing, the unexpected happened. The music abruptly ceased, leaving fans disappointed.

Nonetheless, the artiste’s determination was evident.

With determination in his voice, he directed the selector to play the riddim, signalling his intent to continue despite the interruption. Unfortunately, the video concluded before Popcaan could resume his performance.

See the video below:


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The text accompanying the video hinted at the police’s involvement in cutting the show short, preventing Popcaan from performing.

The footage, shared on TikTok by @grungghad, has garnered significant attention and sparked discussions across social media platforms.

Fans and music enthusiasts have expressed mixed feelings, with some lamenting the missed opportunity to witness Popcaan’s live performance, while others speculated on the reasons behind the abrupt show stoppage when other similar events are allowed to go on til daylight.

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