Pope Francis, Earthly Head of the Church Advocates Gay Marriage

Thursday, October 22, 2020, 6:39 PM GMT-5

Pope Francis, of the Roman Catholic church, shocked the world today as he opened up about his acceptance of Gay marriages.

In a documentary entitled “Francesco,” the Pope said that a civil union law was what was needed so that there were legal grounds to protect them.


As expected, some persons agreed, and some disagreed with the notion.

One person who agreed with the Pope was Jim Martin, who leads an LGBTQ catholic church.

Bishop Tobin, from a Rhode Island church, called on the pope to clarify his arguments and commented that the church cannot accept immoral acts.

The direction of the pope was clear from the beginning as he asked in his first press conference who is he to judge? Further stating that homosexuals have a right to be a part of the church family as they are children of God.

Earlier Pope Francis declared that he wanted to put an end to the Death Penalty.

Pope John Paul ll had set the text of the catechism in 1992. He stated that the death penalty was “an appropriate response to the gravity of certain crimes, and an unacceptable, albeit extreme means of safeguarding the common good.”

However, Pope Francis who is the current Vicar of Christ stated that he wants to rule out the death penalty.

Pope Francis believes the time spent in prison is good, because persons might change their ways when they are punished and he plans to remove the death penalty from the laws of all countries worldwide.

The death penalty is still being upheld in 53 countries around the world and Conservative Catholics might not agree to the change, they might insist that capital punishment is justified.

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