Popular Kingston Drug Addict Turns Her Life Around – Watch Videos

Frequent travellers to Kingston and social media users would be familiar with Yan Yan, a woman who roamed the streets of Kingston, begging for money from anyone who was willing to spare her a minute of their time.

Yan Yan, reportedly a drug addict, became a viral sensation due to many finding humour in her words and actions despite her harsh circumstances. Social media quickly became populated with videos of Yan Yan begging and doing various antics, which would sometimes be done in hopes of getting a reward.

Yan Yan on the left

Yan Yan, whose rightful name is Yanique, has now been revealed to be in a far better state than she was months ago. After not being seen on the internet for a long time, a video surfaced showing that the woman had turned her life around.


In the video, Yan Yan was wearing a red dress, giving the camera a smile and a 360-degree angle of herself. The woman, who was once very skinny, had even gained weight and looked much healthier.

Watch the videos of Yan Yan below:


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The circulating video has touched the hearts of many, with viewers complimenting her transformation and praising God for the new and improved Yanique.

One person expressed, “God can fix any situation🙌🏽 She looks amazing,” and another stated, “God a god 👏👏 but respect to the people who take care of her and show her love and give her a chance 🙌.”

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