Cop Violates Man During Drug Search – Watch Video

Footage was captured of a police officer violating a man by repeatedly touching his rear during an alleged drug search despite his calls to stop.

The video, seemingly taken by one of the bystanders at the scene, shows around three to four law enforcement agents surrounding a man wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and one of the officers held the man from behind while he conducted the search.

The man was standing with his legs spread apart and the policeman proceeded to feel around his groin and butt area, causing the man to say, “Come on man…you just stuck your finger in my ass. Yeah don’t do that, he just stuck his finger in my crack.” The cop then handcuffed the man and did it again who in turn reacted by shouting, “brah, come on man, stop fingering me.”

When the cop told him to stop moving and that his hands were outside his clothes, the man shouted that he was fingering his ass and wanted him to stop. He reminded the officer that he was a man and asked how he would feel if it was done to him.

Watch the full video below:

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