Shorty Went Live to Capture the Moment Cops Allegedly Invaded Her Home to Get to Likkle Addi – Watch Videos

Following his recent altercation with security guards, the home of Akheel Raheim Palmer, professionally known as Likkle Addi, was descended upon by a number of law enforcement agents who allegedly entered the artiste’s premises without a warrant.

Likkle Addi recently expressed that he was being targeted and shared that he had been threatened by two alleged security guards while at the Taj Mahal Shopping Centre in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Following the artiste’s statements, video of the police visiting the residence that seems to be a shared space with his mother, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, has begun to circulate on social media.

The footage was recorded from Johnson’s Instagram account Live stream, and officers of varied ranks were seen speaking with Likkle Addi and his brother Likkle Vybz at the door of the residence. The men did not appear to want their visit recorded by an, at the moment, unidentified female, who was streaming from Johnson’s account. One of the higher-ranking officials flatly told the woman not to video him.

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The unnamed woman, another female that was present, and Johnson protested the officers’ behaviour and presence at the home. The women questioned why the officers had entered the house without immediately presenting a warrant, which would have allowed them to do so. Johnson was eventually presented with a sheet of paper, but it is unclear if it was indeed a warrant.

Watch the videos below.

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