Footage of Kemar Highcon Being Arrested by Cops on Highway – Watch Video

Following the unexpected arrest of ‘Sauceboss’ Kemar Highcon on May 5 on grand theft auto charge, video footage of the entertainer’s arrest has surfaced online. The footage shows the entertainer surrounded by several law enforcement officers as he was taken out of the reported stolen car.

The video was shared to the jamaicamateyandgroupiepinkwall Instagram page with a caption which tells a different story from what most fans initially thought. The caption reads, “Dancehall artiste Kemar Highcon last week as he was pulled over and arrested by state police. The artiste was said to be driving a car his female friend reported missing. He was charged with Grand Theft Auto.”

In the short video, it shows up to four officers making the arrest of the dancehall entertainer; two of the officers stood at the driver’s side of the vehicle as they seemingly pulled the Saucy deejay out of the reportedly stolen car. The other two officers were standing on the other side of the stolen vehicle in a defensive position.

The two other officers then went around to the other side of the stolen vehicle, where the arrest was been made. By this time, Kemar Highcon was in handcuffs. The person who was recording the incident was two cars behind the reported stolen car. He seemed shocked by the situation as he uttered, “Life, oh shit, oh shit, what the heck.” 

Another slide within the same Instagram post showed a female officer searching the empty stolen vehicle. The maximum prison sentence for Kemar Highcon, if he is found guilty on the grand theft auto charge, is five years, according to a few Florida law firms.  

A few commenters on the Instagram post had a different view of the incident; one comment reads, “Di Yankeee gyal dem weh unnu love so much ah wait Fi unnu.”

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While another commenter states, “Sometimes yah fi be careful with them gyol yah! When them nah get weh them want a so them behave.”

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See the videos below:

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