Popular Westmoreland Promoter Allegedly Commits Suicide And Shoots Two Others

November 20, 2020

A popular Westmoreland promoter has allegedly taken his life and shot his girlfriend and best friend in a heated dispute On Thursday morning.

Parents of the deceased, are calling the incident murder as their son was not the type who has the heart to carry out such an act.


The alleged suicide victim is Daniel Porter, otherwise known as “Fats”.

According to a news report, coming from the constabulary unit, at approximately 4 am, Thursday, Porter went to the premises where his girlfriend was staying.

A dispute was said to have erupted after, resulting in ” Fats”, brandishing a firearm and shooting his girlfriend in the arm.

Porter’s best friend, who is the landlord of the premises, allegedly interrupted the dispute for a resolution, which ended up with him being shot in the leg.

According to the Police, “Fats” then ran into the bathroom, then shot himself in the side of the head.

Daniel’s father, Donald, is still refusing to accept that his son was capable of such a thing, as he said “Fats” was the courageous type and the act was very unlike him.


His mother is also insisting that her son was murdered as she stated that he did not even own a gun.

Superintendent Gordon, from the Constabulary unit, said that they are currently waiting on ballistics to prove if Porter was murdered or not. He also stated that investigations are currently on the way to get more information.

Some residents have been speculating that the incident might have happened due to a break up in the relationship between “Fats”, and his girlfriend that was about to happen.



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