Post Malone Falls in a Hole Onstage and Bruises His Ribs – Watch Video

Monday, September 19, 2022, 8:42 AM

Post Malone fell hard in a hole onstage during his performance Saturday night in St Louis, Missouri, United States. The mishap reportedly happened halfway through the Enterprise Center concert when he was performing Circles and forgot about the open hole. His manager, Dre London, assured concerned fans that the American rapper did not break his ribs, only bruised them.

TMZ described the mishap, stating that Post was walking down a ramp that extended onto the floor of the arena. The hole he used to lower his guitar had not yet closed, and he walked right into it. Immediately after, Post appeared to be in excruciating pain as he was sprawled out on the floor, clutching his ribs.


A partygoer told CNN, “You could see in his face and body how much pain he was in and that’s when I knew this was serious. His legs were trembling from the pain.” Several aides rushed to him, and after some time, they helped him to his feet and escorted him off the stage. Not long after, he returned to the stage, apologised, and completed his act with his hand still on his ribs. 

One person gave an account of what happened in a tweet and said that Post broke three ribs in the fall. “Post Malone made a few more die hard fans when he fell through a hole in the stage cracking 3 ribs,” the Twitter user claimed. “Fans said he came back out on stage after 10 minutes saying he was sorry & hurting so bad he was crying, then someone gave him a beer and he finished the concert.”

However, Dre took to Instagram yesterday to update fans on the rapper’s good condition. “Thank you everyone for all your well wishes! @postmalone didn’t break 3 ribs lastnite thank god We did X-rays @ hospital after the show & they declared he had bruised his ribs!” He also commended Post for ending the show “in true Posty fashion.”

Post also shared a video addressing the mishap and blamed it on himself as he explained that he fell into the “big ass hole,” which he used to lower his guitar during the acoustic part of the show. “We just got back from the hospital, and everything is good,” he confirmed. He added that he had received medication and that the tour would continue. He also apologised and promised to give St Louis a two-hour show another time for ending his set quicker than planned.

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