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November 25, 2019

The Microsoft 70-461 exam is a part of the requirements for earning the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL Server 2012/2014 certification. The credential demonstrates the candidates’ expertise and skills in developing and maintaining the next wave of mission-critical IT environments. The professionals who earn this certificate can take up the job roles of a Database Analyst or a Software as a Database (SaaD) Developer. Target audience for this test includes SQL Server Data Administrators, Developers, and System Engineers with at least two years of hands-on experience. These IT specialists are looking to validate their knowledge and skills in writing queries.

How to Become MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 Certified?


There are some basic steps that the candidates must take to be able to earn this credential. First, they must possess the fundamental skills in the IT field. In case you don’t have the required expertise, you can pursue the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certificate before taking the MSCA certification exams. With the foundational IT skills, you can proceed to earn the associate-level certificate. This requires that you pass three different tests. These are Microsoft 70-461, Microsoft 70-462, and Microsoft 70-463. For the purpose of this article, the focus will be on the Microsoft 70-461 exam, which is the first one in the list of the triplet that leads to MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014.

Highlights of Microsoft 70-461 Exam

The exam was launched in 2012, and it is available in a series of languages. These include English Japanese, French, Portuguese (Brazil), German, and Chinese Simplified. To attempt this certification test, the students are required to register with Pearson VUE and pay the exam fee of $165. Depending on your location, you may be able to take the online proctored delivery of the test. Check the certification page to know if it is available in your country.

The Microsoft 70-461 testcomes with 40-60 questions that should be answered within 90-120 minutes. It evaluates specific technical skills that the candidates must be able to demonstrate. These skills have been incorporated into the exam topics that you must learn before passing. Each of them comes with a certain percentage, which indicates the weight of each topic area. The subjects with higher percentages are likely to have more content during the test. It is crucial to understand that it may evaluate different domains other than those listed on the certification page. In addition to this, the exam objectives can be changed without prior notice to the test-takers, so be careful. Let’s explore them in detail.


  • CreateDatabaseObjects: 20-25%



The candidates should be able to create and modify tables with the use of T-SQL syntax and without the use of built-in tools, such as ALTER COLUMN, DROP,and CREATE. They also need to be able to create and modify views in terms of creating indexed views, views without utilizing built-in tools, ALTER, CREATE, and DROP. Additionally, the students for the Microsoft 70-461 exam should be able to design views, create and alter constraints and DML triggers.


  • Work with Data: 25-30%



This topic covers querying data through the use of the SELECT statement. Here, the individuals should be able to utilizethe ranking function to choose top(X) rows for many categories in one query. They need to be able to perform and write queries effectively with the use of SQL2005/8-> code items such as joins and synonyms. The students should know how to implement logic that utilizes system metadata and dynamic SQL, write effective, technically difficult SQL queries. They also have to be able to understand what code may or may notwork based on the tables offered. Given a table with specific constraints, you also need to be able to determine the statement set that will load the tableand understand & use various data access technology. The test takes should implement some components, which include sub-queries, data types, and aggregate queries. Additionally, they also need to know how to manage and query XML data.


  • Modify Data: 20-25%


This topic also covers some skills that the candidates need to master to excel in the certification test. It covers the skills required to create and modify stored procedures, that is, simple statements. Here, the applicantsshould know how to write stored procedures in order to achieve certain prerequisites as well as know the techniques for creating them. They also need to understand how to construct other programmatic objects. The understanding of different kinds of results is also very critical as well as knowing how to develop a stored procedure for the data access layer. The examiners should also know about program stored procedures, roles with T-SQL, and triggers.They have to be able to alter data through the use of DELETE, UPDATE, and INSERT statements, work with functions, combine datasets.


  • Troubleshoot&Optimize: 25-30%


This topic area focuses on a series of subtopics. First of all, the candidates need to be able to optimize queries. They must know all about statistics; be able to read the query plans; understand and be able to plan guides; understand DMVs, statistics IO, hints, and parameterized versus dynamic queries. They also should describe various joint types, such as LOOP, HASH, and MERGE, along with scenarios where they would be used. Secondly, the test takers should be able to manage transactions. Here, they need to mark them. They also need to understand begin tran, rollback, and commit. The understanding of isolation levels, trancount, implicit versus explicit transaction, and types and scope of locks are also critical. You should be able to test the use of set-based and row-based operations. Finally, the students should also know how to implement various error handling.


The understanding of these topics is very critical to success of the test. There are numerous resources that the candidates can explore to attain it. Exam-Labs is one of the top platforms that offers the relevant prep tools, including video tutorials, practice tests, and braindumps for the Microsoft 70-461 certification exam. Check out this site and turn your preparation process into something effective!


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