President Trump’s Claim about Deadly Coronavirus Questioned by Doctors

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 9:41 AM

Earlier President Trump said he expected the Coronavirus epidemic to disappear with the end of winter. However, this is a statement that is the opposite of what the experts in the infectious disease treatment department had to say about the virus.

It is possible that Trump believes the warmer weather in Spring will cause a reduction in the spread of the virus, as it has been compared with the common cold. He spoke about the 11 or 12 cases that were present in the US and said the infected persons were in good shape.


The prevention of further disease spread, contact tracing and adequate infection control measures were not mentioned by him. It is believed that his statement minimized the number of critical factors that will be needed to contain the disease.

The President’s remarks about the virus came during a White House session with state governors. Even though the statistics now show that the 2019-nCoV or coronavirus has infected over 42,000 persons worldwide and more than 1000 persons have died.

Now persons are thinking that Trump isn’t aware of the threat that is already so close. There are 12 confirmed cases and 68 more persons who are being tested as they are showing symptoms in the USA.

Information on how the virus is spread and the impact of the weather and temperature on its spread is still lacking at this time.

Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center has warned against the unpredictability of the virus and how it is possible that it might not be affected by the changing seasons at all.

However, these viruses would normally thrive in the cold months when people spend more of their time indoors and there is lower humidity in winter, this causes viruses to last in the air for a longer time.

Persons are still worried about the President’s positive outlook as not all these viruses go away when there is warmer weather.

It is not certain how much the Novel Coronavirus has spread in the US at this time and because of the condition in China at this time many persons are being more cautious than the President.

Since the coronavirus has already surpassed the death toll of SARS which claimed many lives 17 years ago.

There has been no vaccine and no clear conclusion on how this new virus is spread and no one knows exactly how it is spread.

The washing of hands and keeping the hands away from eyes, mouth and nostrils have been suggested.

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