Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ New Year Message

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness welcomes 2020 with big plans and a clear vision and gave God thanks that he and other Jamaicans lived to see 2020, as he spoke about his plans and the achievements of his Government. He remembered those who had passed away in 2019 including the former Prime Minister Edward Seaga and other politicians and mentioned how important it was for Jamaicans to build on the legacy they had left.

seaga and holness


He also mentioned his sadness when he thought about the many Jamaicans who didn’t live to see 2020 because of the high murder rate and said his Government is committed to bringing down the crime rate.

However, the fact that the opposition did not support the implementation of the State of Emergency for the first 4 months in 2019 had caused a set back for the law enforcement teams.

He said order was created by the State of Emergency and other intervention strategies that were used in 2019. He said the Mt. Salem and Denham Town ZOSO’s or Zones of Special Operations, were a success as he believes it is possible to take back Jamaica from the criminals. In 2020 there will be more ZOSO’s in other areas as the armed forces will be building on their successes.

The level of crime we are now experiencing is more than what the armed forces can manage as over the years Government has not done enough to equip the force to deal with the growing crime problem.

Jamaica will be taken back from the criminals, community by community, or effectively dealt with corruption in the force.

pm andrew holness

Jamaica is now building an equipped security apparatus to deal with investigative capacity, man-power and technological advancement has been brought on board. As the world becomes digital, plans are being made to bring Jamaica up to date.

However, Mr. Holness pointed out that the crime problem grew over many years and it will take time to remove it from the country completely.

He mentioned the number and quality of cases that are being brought before the courts at this time as the police are putting together cases in a more professional way when they are arresting gang members, and they now have better laws to help them to deal with the court cases in a better way.

He said the long-term policies, programs and plans to reduce the country’s murder rates are now in place to remove Jamaica’s crime problem permanently, but it will take some time.

The disorder on the roads was also mentioned and he spoke about the use of technology and a new ticketing system that was being implemented and along with the police officers who are now riding bikes (The Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch) should help to bring order to the streets of Jamaica.

Andrew holness and popcaan
Popcaan and PM Andrew-Holness in St Thomas

He also spoke of his government’s commitment to continue what they started including the HOPE program, improved police stations, housing, roads, as he also bragged a bit about the booming tourism industry, the public transport that is now using LNG, the new power plant in Old Harbour.

Minister Holness made mention about the much improved (Program of Advancement Through Health) PATH Program, The steps to keep Jamaica in the number 1 spot as a Climate Change trendsetter, with the plan to plant 3 million trees, the Best Stock Market in the world, the reduced debt burden, the IPO that caused Jamaica to have the largest Solar Plant in the English speaking Caribbean and a few more of his government’s achievements.

He now wants all Jamaicans to do their part to get rid of pests that cause illnesses like Dengue and the scourge of crime.

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