Prime Minister Holness Says Ending SOE’s Have Impacted The Murder Rate Negatively

Thursday, January 7, 2021, 3:11 PM GMT-5

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has stated that the discontinuation of the Public State of emergency, has impacted the trend of murders in the country in a negative way.

Mr Holness stated that there has been an upward movement, in the country’s murder rate and it is a cause of worry.

The information was given at the National Day of prayer service recently, and the Prime Minister was very blunt on what the situation is.

He stated that there has been hypocrisy where the SOE’s are concerned, as the same person’s that advocated for the ending of the State of Emergencies, are now calling for increased police activity.

The Prime Minister also lashed out against extra-judicial killings, by security force members, which he attributed to traditional crime-fighting that relies on force.

He, however, commended the security forces on their efforts regardless of the extrajudicial killings, stating that they have done a “fairly good job”.

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