Prince Harry and Meghan Criticised for Taking Photos with “Anti-Royal” Andrew Holness.

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 4:00 PM

After attending the Jamaican premiere of Bob Marley: One Love, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have been criticised for posing for photographs with Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The couple made a surprise appearance at the premiere of Bob Marley’s biopic on Tuesday at the Carib Theatre. While their attendance was not expected by members of the public, it did not stir much chatter online when photographs began circulating of the pair with Holness.


Though the premier did not ignite controversy in Jamaica, photos of Harry, Meghan, and Holness were deemed insensitive in England. The couple was slammed in an article by the UK’s Daily Mail for posing with Holness, who was deemed an anti-royalist.

Commentators within the article also suggested that Harry and Meghan’s visit was ill-timed due to the current medical issues plaguing the royal family. Multiple of King Charles’ public engagements were recently postponed to provide him with time to recuperate from prostate treatment.

Harry’s sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, is also recuperating after having abdominal surgery. One of the article’s commentators dubbed Harry and Meghan’s visit to Jamaica insensitive as the country wanted to “ditch” the British monarchy.

“Under normal circumstances, there would be nothing wrong with them going to a film premiere. But at a time when his father is going under the knife, and Jamaica is making noises about ditching the monarchy, this is rather insensitive,” the commentator stated.

He further criticised the couple for showing Jamaica their support when they had not yet displayed public support for the King and the Princess of Wales. In addition to noting that Jamaica will certainly go its own way eventually, the commentator also dubbed Barbados’ choice to “get rid” of the Queen as head of state as “very sad.”

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