Producer Will Not Retract Pastor Blake’s ‘Solid Ground’ Ft Spice

Thursday, March 3, 2022, 9:38 PM

Ever since Spice lashed out at Pastor Stephen Blake for releasing the demo ‘Sold Ground’, the track has been receiving much backlash, but Producer Michael ‘Askell’ Fairman is not worried.

In fact, some might say he is using the criticism as motivation to promote the single, while he encourages Spice and Pastor Blake to make amends.


In a statement to Star, he said that the song was great, positive and far from raunchy. While he could understand if persons wanted him to retract the song if it was raunchy, he mentioned that the pastor would not be on a song of that nature.

In his following statements, he noted that his label Vision House Records, was working on the song for a few years and when it was completed everyone that was involved in the project were told of its release.

Clarifying that the track was completed and not an unfinished demo, he went on to say, “I have no plans to retract the collab. It can do great things if it gets the combined efforts of the artistes working together.”

Being that he was completely satisfied with how the single turned out, he said he felt like it was time to release the song.

Askell, who has been a songwriter, rhythm composer, musician and producer for two decades, later added that his vocals are also featured on the single.

“The recording artiste and musician side of me is also on this production, as I did the harmony and background vocals,” the producer said.

He has high hopes of the song being the next big dancehall-gospel hit. The one thing missing from the project he highlighted was support from Spice. It wasn’t clear to him why Spice wanted him to pull the song, and he speculated that it might have either been because “she has another song promoting” or because she is “fearful of the feedback”. According to Askell, whatever the case may be, “Spice needs to just promote the song, nothing bad can come from it.”


Askell has worked with many artists throughout his career, including Sizzla, D-Major, Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, Buju Banton, Agent Sasco and Gyptian. He has also produced the fan-proclaimed ‘Dancehall Pastor’ Blake, who leads the ministry at the Acts of the Holy Spirit Ministries International. 

One of Pastor Blake’s songs that was produced by Vision House-productions is ‘Praise The Saviour’.

Askell currently has a project that he is working on releasing which is a reggae, one-drop juggling titled the ‘Soak In Love’ rhythm that includes Wayne Marshall, Capleton and Turbulence on the track. 

In conclusion, he stated that he would continue to promote ‘Solid Ground’ and “focus on the work ahead” because the song has gotten more positive feedback than negative.

Check out the song below.

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