Spice And Her Son ‘Nicho’ Release “PO PO” Music Video

The Dancehall Queen Spice has done something very unique in the music business and that is to release a song featuring her teenage son Nicholas, who delivered an immaculate job on the brand new track called “Po Po” dropped this Saturday.

The song was released along with a music video directed by Jay Will and co-produced by Jbudd media owned by Spice’s boyfriend Justin.


The track is very mind-opening as it deals directly with Police brutality and the life of fear people have to live because of the issue.

Starting off the song, Spice did a small chant at the beginning which heard her shouting ” What do we want? Justice” and “When do we want it? Now”. The track continued with her son ‘Nicho’ dropping in with the chorus by singing “Mi nuh trust e Po Po” which he repeated, later adding on that “When you see the Po Po you will get a Pow POW”.

The Dancehall queen then took over the song by spitting some very sensible lyrics which she used to make it clear that life should not be about whether you are black or white, further expressing her distrust of the Police by letting it known that you have to be careful once the cops are seen since they only mark persons of African descent for death or indictment.


Spice is very well aware of the different ways to construct songs to catch people’s listening attention too since she has been in the business for many years and as such, she showed that expertise by including in the song a bridge which she used to sing about needing a law to reinvent, represent and prevent the killing of the innocent since black lives matter.

‘Nicho’ then goes on to pick up with the chorus, after which he jumped into the second verse showcasing his deejaying skills whilst keeping the message pertinent by singing about the lack of equality and the rampant killings that take place regularly. 

Spice also takes a last dose of the beat by picking up from her son’s second verse starter to close the section of the song out by making it clear that black men have to have a strong mentality even when the system wants them to lack security.

The visuals of the song fit perfectly with the message too because the quality of the video makes it appear like a movie which had its potency increased by the fact that Spice seemed to have used real white Police officers in it.

Watch Spice & Nicho’s “Po Po” official music video below.

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