Promoter Bugsy Arrested For Raping A 10-Year-Old Girl

Jamaican Promoter Berkley Phinn, popularly known as Bugsy Bam Bam, has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl after he turned himself into the police recently.

The 44-year-old promoter who is residing in New Jersey has reportedly raped his daughter’s 10-year-old cousin and, after his arrest, he has since been dismissed from the entertainment platforms Strictly Business and Flex Promotions.


A video was also released showing a DJ calling out Bugsy on his “dutty style”. In the video that was recorded in the midst of a party, the DJ stopped the music to confront Bugsy over the microphone saying he should stop talking to the “likkle gyal dem inna dancehall” and he reminded Bugsy that he is a grown man with a daughter.

According to screenshots that were quickly captured by Vlogger King Mix Up, The mother of the sexually assaulted victim released a statement on her Instagram Story.

“Hey everyone, This is the One & Only time I will be speaking on this matter. The situation is being handled by law enforcement, Obviously, it is already out & this matter hits home & it is very unfortunate. I will not elaborate on it moving forward. I see and appreciate all your calls, dms & messages, Thank you. This is a very sensitive time for me & my family especially my daughter, please respect our privacy and let us have our peace. TRENDYY,” she wrote.

Following this post, she also continued by saying, “And Stop fucking adding in your message “if this is true” y’all ppl better just lowe miiiiii. My child just turned 10,” she said adding exclamation emojis. “Sending kindness is one thing but don’t ever utter anything else to mi.”

 The mother lastly wrote, “I don’t even have appetite” followed by nauseating emojis.

Both organizations affiliated with Bugsy, released statements making it clear that it has cut all ties with the pedophile while showing support for the family of the victim.

The statements posted to Instagram read, ”On behalf of Flexx Promotions and Strictly Business, we stand firm in solidarity with all survivours, both former and current, of sexual assault and sexual abuse.”

The statement also included utilizing the platform for spreading awareness.

“Both Strictly Business and Flexx Promotions are committed to using our brands, platforms and influence to dually oppose the silencing of sexual assault survivors and supporting them in seeking justice.”

“over the last 72 hours, the members of both Flexx Promotions and Strictly Business have been made aware of serious and disturbing allegations against Berkley Phinn (Bugsy Bam Bam), who was affiliated with both Strictly Business and Flexx Promotions. We have been notified that Mr. Phinn is currently in police custody. All Members of Strictly Business and Flexx Promotions are in COMPLETE support of the survivor and her family, as well as in their right to seek justice through law enforcement and the judicial system,” it continued.

While it also added that “Mr. Phinn is no longer affiliated with or associated with either Flexx Promotions or Strictly Business in ANY BUSINESS OR PERSONAL CAPACITY, either presently or in the future,” another post uploaded by Strictly Business thanked Phinn for his “12 years of service” and went on to direct interested clients to the associated platforms that would be receiving future bookings.

Reportedly, Phinn is facing charges of aggravated sexual assault, statutory rape and endangering sexual conduct with a child grade A.

See full statements below

Watch video of DJ calling out Bugsy below

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