Cocaine-Addict Killed And Raped Jamaican Grandmother In The UK

A 31-year-old London man strangled his 76-year-old Jamaican-born grandmother to death, had sex with the corpse twice and was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he will remain indefinitely.

The killer, Donovan Miller, attacked the woman while she was asleep at their shared home in Kent Street, Plaistow, east London.

Miller reportedly strangled his grandmother and then bashed her head repeatedly with a vase before having sex with her dead body.

After the murder, he called emergency line 999 on March 25, 2021, and confessed to his crimes. In his confession to the police, he also gave his reason behind the killing saying “enough is enough”.

According to Prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC Miller, “told the operator that he would like to report the murder of a family member,” and he continued by informing the operator that he killed his grandmother, Phyllis Grant, by choking her in her sleep the previous night.

Prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC also stated, “he said there had been a tussle and that he strangled her for a while and then had to use a vase to knock her out.’ He claimed he had ‘hit her a few times on the head’ and he described their home as ‘messy'”.

On the night of his arrest, Miller had also informed the paramedics, ”I raped her as well for what it’s worth, yesterday and today.”

While he admitted he was a cocaine addict, he claimed he did not have any mental health problems.

After undergoing a psychiatric assessment one year later, Miller was said to be mentally unfit for the trial. Miller pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and on Wednesday, March 30 he was given an indefinite hospital order.

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