Protoje signs new female ‘Jaz Elise” to In.Digg.Nation and RCA Records Deal

October 18, 2020

Jaz Elise, known for her spiritual delivery, was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She is considered to be a very talented artist and she has said before that she wants to use her music for the development of the people.

On her Spotify page, she explains: “Fulfill your purpose by following your emotions and your heart, which are guided by the wisdom of those who came before you. Know that you are, can and you will do.”


Jazz Elise, whose real name is Jasmine Taylor, began her career singing at just 5 years old. She is a dancer and actress and is also best known for her work with the Quilt Performing Arts Company and starring in films such as Capture Land. The remixed song, Fresh and Clean, was released by Elise in 2019 and became a big hit as it celebrated the daily life of her hometown of Kingston.

The Fresh and Clean Remix is ​​a wonderful combination of Govana’s signature style and Jazz Elise’s lyrical sound. The song is very attractive and the rhythm is smooth. It will probably receive a lot of airplay because it was thought out. Elize will be joined by two other female artists who are also known for their Reggae performances. They are Lila Iké and Sevana.

She told the song as a story about how you strive for your goals no matter what. She explains, ” I am very excited that people hear my music. I am grateful and worried. This is just the beginning to show what I did in the studio and allow people to hear my story and recognize me as an artist. I put it all to music, and Fresh & Clean is just part of the iceberg ahead.”

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Elise in an interview with the famous music magazine Fader, tells a beautiful story of a little boy who dreams of learning to ride a bike; He was in an impossible situation and simply found a way to do it.” She said she was excited to have the opportunity to work with someone like Protoje. She said that I didn’t know where to go and how to direct when I decided to make music.

She continued: “Sometimes it was very difficult for me to be in this sector without some support and guidance, but when I started working with Protoje, it came to me organically.”


Elise shared on Twitter to thank the In.Digg.Nation Team for her chance to work with Six Course and RCA Records. He wrote on Twitter: “Fullllyyyy indigg G Folded hands Thanks always King Digg.”

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