This QQ Video was Removed from YouTube

The sexually charged Vise Grip video, is the latest content that dancehall artiste QQ released on YouTube and he was left disappointed when it was removed a day after.

He revealed that he and his advisers went through the rules on the platform very carefully before uploading, and yet YouTube felt that the guidelines were violated. He also said he believes it is possible that the video was reported, and after a review, Youtube made their decision to remove it, leaving QQ feeling puzzled.


The entertainer appealed the decision, he told them that he went through the guidelines and it said the video should be age restricted and he did that he said, in a recent interview. He also pointed out to them that there were videos on the platform that had stronger sexually suggestive content than his and they still rejected his appeal.

QQ believes strongly that the video was reported by someone who didn’t like the video, someone who didn’t want him to be doing that type of content or someone who simply wanted to block his progress.

“When yah do the work yah go always find people who nuh really into the thing and like what you’re doing, so they’re gonna find ways to fight it.”  He added.

He also posted this message to his fans online

qq posted on line about video removed from youtube

The artiste said the song that is done with the video is doing well in the US and Canada, and it is also getting attention in Jamaica, so the removal of the video from YouTube is a set-back, but he will seek to find ways around it and don’t allow it to deter him too much.

He mentioned that he has been in the music business from he was 9-year-old and now he is 25 and he is familiar with trying times.

QQ has started to receive suggestions from his fans, they have told him that he should upload it on, as he seeks to find another platform for the video.

See a clip from the music video below

He hopes to re-generate buzz for it by finding another platform to upload it on, as soon as possible.

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