Queen Ifrica Blames Chronixx for Bringing Homosexuality into the Rastafarian Faith – Watch Video

Saturday, June 8, 2024, 7:10 PM

As she continues to lash out at those she has deemed sellouts, Queen Ifrica took aim at fellow Reggae artiste and Rastafarian Chronixx. During a live stream, Queen Ifrica expressed that people, even her fellow Rastafarians, are turning away from God and allowing the devil into Jamaica.

She then called out Chronixx and said that he could not simply return without first declaring what his plans were.


“Mi si dem tek time a surface back Chronixx. Chronixx, yuh betta come talk di truth of Jah! Yuh tink yah come slide in back. Yuh cya slide in back till yuh declare weh yah deal wid bout yah. A you let in di wull a dem b***yb*y and lesbian unda lacs,” Ifrica stated.

After criticising controversial social media personality L.A. Lewis, Ifrica called out Prime Minister Andrew Holness and opposition leader Mark Golding.

While the Times Like These artiste highlighted the importance of next year’s General Election, the artiste declared that no Jamaican should vote as none of the leaders have proven that they have good intentions.

Watch the video with Queen Ifrica below.

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