Queen Ifrica Lashes Out at Buju, Holness, Currie, L.A. Lewis, Skatta, Mutabaruka, and MC Nuffy “Eh Wull a Dem Sell Wi Out” – Watch Video

Friday, June 7, 2024, 4:56 PM

Reggae artiste Ventrice Morgan, professionally known as Queen Ifrica, has taken aim at a host of people she has described as sell-outs, including fellow artiste Buju Banton, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Chief Richard Currie, and A. Lewis.

Ifrica called out the men as she spoke about the state of Jamaica during a video that surfaced on Friday. The Lioness On The Rise singer expressed that talented Jamaican artistes are suffering as disc jockeys prioritise lewd music.


In addition to calling out the radio DJs, Ifrica also criticised Skatta Burrell, whom she said would not succeed in turning Jamaican women into the women of ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’.

While she dubbed Andrew Holness a sellout, Ifrica appears to be of the opinion that opposition leader Mark Golding can help the country get through its woes. The artiste questioned if Golding was ready to renounce his controversial British citizenship and lead Jamaica as a republic.

Queen Ifrica

She went on to criticise Chief Richard Currie’s leadership of the Maroons as well as the Maroons themselves.

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“A bay dis dem dis mi inna private inna eh Maroon community and spread bay rumour pan mi inna eh Maroon community bout mi mad out. Becaw mi a Jamaican weh come ask dem a question bout Jamaican people weh did help dem! A we a di free people weh did help dem. A neva dem help we,” Ifrica stated.

Sharing that she was appointed Queen Mother of all of the Maroons, Ifrica said that Accompong needs a just chief who represents the connection between Jamaica, the Maroons, Africa, and the diaspora.

Ifrica went on to call out L.A. Lewis for falsely representing himself as a Maroon with the authority to provide official documents and MC Nuffy for supporting him.

“L.A. Lewis, yah fraud yute. Yuh tek di teachings dem from rastology dem and all a di elda dem and now a rape Jamaica people. A come a talk bout yah sell dem. Yah have dis lickle white woman siddung inna office bout unuh a sell sovereignty. How unuh wicked suh [ … ] All you big head bl**dc**t Nuffy come a be face of sellout gainst Jamaican people,” Ifrica stated.

The video was shared to YouTube by Humans of Jamaica.

Watch the video with Queen Ifrica below.

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