Prettii Don Attacks Queen Ifrica Online in Defence of Spice – Watch Video

Vlogger Prettii Don has verbally attacked Queen Ifrica with a furious response regarding the reggae artiste’s most recent rant. In her rant, Ifrica criticised Dancehall artiste Spice and apparently took shots at Prettii Don.

Refusing to tolerate her disrespectful remarks, Prettii Don labelled Ifrica as a ‘lesbian’ and made numerous defamatory remarks as she defended Spice in a live stream filled with expletives.

Prettii Don started her heated response by pointing out Queen Ifrica’s consistent targeting of entertainers instead of addressing her father’s lawsuit against her for accusing him of sexually assaulting her.

Additionally, Prettii Don emphasised Spice’s generosity, particularly her charity through back-to-school events.

The vlogger also addressed Ifrica’s insinuation that Spice’s blue outfits and wigs may have a demonic connotation. In response, Prettii Don asserted that everyone has their preferred colour, stating that purple is her personal favourite.

“Di woman deh inna blue from Spice hungry. From Grace hungry and have di one black slippers. Grace a mix di black slippers wid blue. Di woman a wear blue from blue a blue,” she said. “Unuh too bombocl**t nuff man, especially you Queen Ifrica. Every time yah talk, yah talk bout Grace. Yuh wah suck out Grace p***y, lesbian gyal? …Sadamite, big voice gyal.”

Prettii Don also said, “If yuh wah nyam Grace sh*t, talk. Mek she sh*t inna one bag and send it come give yuh like crab, dutty bomb*h*le woman…She is not the only bloodcl**t gyal inna Dancehall a mek money and a mek waves.”

Furthermore, Prettii Don suggested that Queen Ifrica’s behaviour at Rebel Salute, where she allegedly lusted after a woman’s breasts, implies a struggle with her sexuality.

Watch the video of Prettii Don below:

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