Queen Ifrica Confronts D’Angel and Razor B on Live About OnlyFans Lifestyle and Lewd Songs – Watch Video

After Queen Ifrica made some controversial remarks about Dancehall artistes D’Angel and Razor B being “wrong and strong,” the three musicians decided to have a discussion to address and clarify Ifrica’s statement. Apparently, when Ifrica touched on D’Angel and Razor B during her latest rant, she was calling them out for creating risqué content that would influence the younger generation in the wrong way.

The group chat played out over a live stream, with Ifrica attempting to explain why D’Angel was setting a poor example for the young ladies by being an OnlyFans Model.

“Angel know seh mi love har…Mi wish mi love music like how you love it…You always a try do encouraging songs,” Ifrica said, indicating that while D’Angel started on a positive path of uplifting girls, she was ultimately forced down a bad route.

D’Angel tried to clarify that she was still advocating for the right things, but Ifrica insisted that D’Angel’s OnlyFans lifestyle contradicted the good she tried to do, influencing girls to pursue such a lifestyle.

D’Angel, Queen Ifrica, Razor B

“The likkle girls dem vulnerable, so my thing is…If Angel ago seh…mi deh pan OnlyFans but mi nuh wah all a my likkle young 20 add year old fans dem fi think seh dem can come come pan OnlyFans and feel like seh because dem see dem artiste Angel a dweet a supmn,” Ifrica stated.

In response, D’Angel defended herself by saying she was the “humanitarian of the year” because of the numerous things she represented. She also told the Rastafarian singer that, as an adult, she was free to do anything she wanted.

Ifrica also spoke about Razor B’s lewd songs, saying, “Razor B do di song weh seh come suck mi b*ddy wid di ice-cream.” However, Razor objected by saying he did not sing that song.

Ifrica continued by urging both Razor B and D’Angel to sing more positive songs to make a difference in the country.

Watch the video of Ifrica, D’Angel, and Razor B below:

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