Queen Ifrica Reveals Traumatic Experience and Why she left Tony Rebel, Calls out “Protojoke”, Chief Curry and More – Watch Video

Sunday, May 28, 2023, 10:11 AM GMT-5

After being dragged by multiple public figures and accused of sleeping with women, Queen Ifrica took to social media, ranting about the state of the country and addressing what was said about her. Queen Ifrica sought to clarify the talks of being physically abused by her ex-common-law husband, Tony Rebel, and the accusations of her being with women, all while revealing more details in a lengthy live stream.

During the live stream, she shared that she and reggae artiste Tony Rebel, whom she was in a relationship with for twenty-three years, have been separated for one year and six months. “Di reason why mi leff Tony Rebel, him neva wah unite inna him family, him neva wah bring him family together. But him know weh fi do fi bring people fi mek money dung a Salute,” She explained.

She admitted that she was physically abused by the deejay, saying, “Dem use domestic violence fi kip dung Jamaican people so mi realise seh dat a di weapon dem use against Jamaican woman so mi sidung inna it and tek it fi understand it.”

The controversial reggae singer also touched on persons who were “sell-out” in the country and called out Chief Richard Curry of Maroon Town, saying he acknowledged that something was coming for Jamaica while highlighting that the Maroons would not be affected. Adding that there were “sell-out” artistes in Jamaica who would promote homosexuality, she referenced Protoje, whom she called Protojoke, Chronixx, and Lila.

She addressed Minister Marion Hall, recounting that Marion was baptised fifteen years ago, and now, when she needed Marion the most “to come back fi God,” the gospel singer was passing remarks about Ifrica being a lesbian, which she said strengthened others to speak ill about her.

According to Queen Ifrica, at the age of eight, she was sexually assaulted by a woman named Marita Stephens. Ifrica explained that Marita asked her to accompany her to the farming area where her grandfather and Ifrica’s grandfather were farming. However, when they were heading to the location, the girl pushed her to the ground and performed sexual acts on her.

“On di way round there di girl push mi down to the ground, tear off mi underwear offa mi, rub up, rub up herself on me,” Ifrica explained, adding that while she did not understand what was happening, she did not like it, and she was crying.

Adding that it was the only “lesbian experience” she had in her life, Queen Ifrica said that she would never be a lesbian and emphasised that she was a victim of rape.

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:


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