Queen Ifrica Weighs in on Rita Marley vs. Cindy Breakspear Saga

Amid the ongoing online saga regarding Bob Marley and his wife, Rita Marley, and his extramarital relationship with Cindy Breakspear, Reggae singer Queen Ifrica has shared her thoughts on the controversial topic.

Ahead of the release of the Bob Marley: One Love biopic, which will be available for viewing worldwide today, there has been much online discourse about his past relationship with Breakspear. Though Marley pursued multiple other women while he was still married to Rita, Breakspear remains a topic of fascination in the public.

During a live stream, Ifrica discussed black relationships, including Marley’s relationship with Rita and Breakspear. Ifrica expressed that she is a woman who believes in comradery and coming together despite differences.

She also shouted out women such as Rita, Breakspear, Yendi Phillip’s Krystal Tomlinson, and Carlene Smith, who have been in past relationships with black male Jamaican celebrities. Ifrica went on to express that women who have found themselves in problematic relationships still have choices.

She added that if these women take accountability for their actions, they will be able to be in their ideal relationships with black men. Noting that there is an ongoing attack on black relationships, Ifricka said that if black people are not provided with good examples of black relationships, then the false notion that they have to date outside of their race to find love will continue.

“There have not been a lot of examples for the black family, for the black woman, and the black man. So you can see like a Taylor Swift and her giant white man run out at Superbowl [ … ] But den Jay Z and Beyonce have to play ketch up to dem at the Grammys. Because at di end of the day, is not about centering a true black family around family values,” Ifrica stated.

 Ifrica states that despite all the chaos that exists in black relationships, there have not been as many solutions. According to the artiste, that chaos has resulted in situations like the ongoing controversy about Rita and Breakspear that may tarnish the Bob Marley biopic.

Ifrica went on to criticise the Jamaican government for the lack of institutions and programmes that can help black family relationships. She also called for Rita and Breakspear to unite publicly.

“…You guys are still alive, and heterosexual black family relationships is unda attack. It would be nice for you guys to meet up and mek di world si seh Cindy and Rita good.”

She continued, “Suh di narrative dat dem trying to shape around Jamaican women, right across the board, being bitter and ignorant side chicks and baby madas and no respect nah put round di names of these women considering all the efforts and all the sacrifices made, dat is something worth looking into,” Ifrica stated.

Watch the video below.

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