Queen Ladi Gangsta Planning to Get Married to her June Plum Love

Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 8:10 PM

Queen Ladi Gangsta visited Jamaica and planned to be on the island for 2 weeks but it has been 3 months since she is on the island.

She decided to stay because she fell in love and plans to get married soon.


In a recent interview she said her fiancé Dewy simply picked June Plum off a tree and invited her into his home and somehow she found herself on his bed and their relationship started.

He said the love they have is not like any other love that is found by other men out there.

Dewy is her Road Manager and Queen says life is too short to put off the wedding for too long, she believes she has found someone special.

She wants to get married in a nice wedding dress and that is the only thing she needs for the wedding now.

Dwayne who is affectionately called Dewy by Queen, was doing a 9-5 job before he tried to become a soldier, but he was rejected by the army because of a tattoo.

The dancehall entertainer, says she did 8 songs since she has been in Jamaica because she is feeling good, she is doing Gospel, Soul and other genres.

She has a lot of songs out since she is back from the UK. She has the new June Plum Love song on the “Girl Boss” Riddim.

Lyrics: “Whole heap a tings a gwaan fi Queeny One man alone mi waan between mi, mi money large it no teeny”.

Her relationship with Dexta Daps is strained right now, she says she is giving him the Queen wave because she was hurt when he called her Crasses on social media.

Watch the interview below.

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