ER: Queen Ladi Gangsta talks Kids with Dewy plus Shoplifting and Struggles in UK before Returning to Jamaica – Video

Friday, April 2, 2021, 7:51 AM

Queen Ladi Gangsta, Jamaica’s oldest female internet sensation sat down with Anthony Miller of Entertainment Report to talk about her past life and future with her husband ‘Dewy”. Queenie explains that she left for England to join her children’s father many years ago and then decided that life in the UK was too hard, she even starting shoplifting at one point, something she talked about online more than once.

She returned to Jamaica to attend her brother’s funeral, stayed longer than she had planned to and fell in love. 


Queenie believes finding a husband in Jamaica is her right because she is a born Jamaican. She believes love conquers all and even though her husband is much younger than her, she thinks their relationship can continue to be great.

At 51, Queenie has 5 children and multiple grandchildren, her children’s father didn’t want to marry her, but this young man saw her and started showing interest in her and it was not long before he proposed. Dewy will be her music manager and she has released some songs already. 

According to Queenie, she and Dewy spoke about having kids and she told him that she doesn’t want any more kids right now however she did not say it is impossible for them to have kids.

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As far as Queen Lady Gangster is concerned age is just a number and she has a strong character. She has always wanted to be a superstar and she started getting love since she started posting her activities on Facebook and My Space and then she moved on to Instagram.

There were times when she would steal from stores in the UK, and on one occasion someone made a video of her stealing candles in a store and posted it on social media. The video went viral and she tried to do all she could to repair the damage.

At the time she was stealing to give her children food and the police found out about it and they didn’t arrest her.

Queen Lady Gangsta is not worried about losing her husband even though some people believe he only married her so she can take him to the UK. Check out the full interview below.

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