Queenie and Dowey Back Like They Never Left – See Photos and Video

Queenie is seemingly in a happy place again after reconnecting with her husband Dowey after months of being apart. The period of separation between the two was filled with online drama and saga, now the couple is showing the internet their other side, the ‘lovey-dovey’ and playful side.

Recovering from her recent surgery and unable to go live, the ‘Double Tap‘ singer updated her followers with some of their best moments together on camera. Last Thursday, news broke that the ‘One Man To Mi Goodie‘ singer had fallen ill and was admitted to the hospital after experiencing pain for multiple days.

Based on the updates about the surgery, it seemingly was a success.

One of the updates after the surgery reads, “THANKS 🙏 TO EVERY ONE ☝️ THAT SUPPORT MY MOTHER 👩 SHE IS OUT OF OF RECOVERY ❤️‍🩹 🙏 HAS MUM LOVE 💕 TO SAY ( ME GLAD YOU SEE GOD,” the post states.”

The Re-Uploads

On Tuesday night, via Instagram, Queenie wrote, “THIS WAS A MOMENT OF TIME 🕰️ @dowey_1konnectionboss GOD IS WITH US 👸🏽🤴 WITH OUT YOU THERE IS NO US,” as she reshared several old contents of the two together.

Check out the couple below:

In support of Queenie, Wally British wrote a lengthy statement, “Whatever floats your boat yah queenie, whilst I may not think it’s the best Decision, the Aquarius in me cyah mek mi get up and diss people by saying the unkindest of words to them wen dem no do mi nutten.”

It continues, “Some people jus deh a dem yard wid dem phone jus a wait fi something to type fu$&ry. Would love to be behind the scenes to see some of the negative sayers perfect relationships.”

Queen Ladi Gangsta also shared the moment they first told the internet that they were getting married.

See the video that was posted below:

See more reactions below:

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