Queenie And Dowey Drama Saga Reignites – Watch Video

Sunday, December 10, 2023, 10:25 AM

Despite their highly publicized breakup a few months ago, social media stars Queenie and Dowey continue to trade insults online. However, in this latest episode of the torrid affair, Queenie sheds more details on how the relationship reached its breaking point and her current feelings towards Dowey.

According to Queenie, her estranged husband ‘badmind’ her and hates her because she exposed him performing oral sex on her and her making numerous Instagram fake pages to test his loyalty.


Queenie detailed Dowey’s hatred and lack of respect for her, stating, “Man badmind a the wus bloodclaat badmind, yuh see when yuh have friend and them badmind yuh it bad and it nuh bad enuh, yuh see when yuh have a man weh bad mind yuh.”

She continues, “So when me hear the breda seh ‘yuh know weh me hate when the people them come up and ask if them can tek a picture wid me, me just start dash me hand round gal,’ me seh wow! a di respect that?”

Queenie and Dowey together

Giving more details she stated, “After yuh sidung deh and a pree me and a plot me, yuh hate me fi everything, every gal go inna yuh DM yuh seh a me send them, any bloodclaat time me mek a fake page, and me come me talk. How fucking dear yuh, fi gal seh yuh suck dem pussy and humiliate me as your wife, and yuh ago sidung back and ago tell people seh a me.”

Queenie on live

Queenie also describes how Dowey allegedly performed oral sex on her using ice on multiple occasions. According to her, any man she performs oral sex on has to return the favour. She went on to state that she was the one that ultimately ended the relationship on the 30th of August due to Dowey’s lack of loyalty, hate for her and the countless disrespect dished out to her.

In the wake of their separation, Dowey is alleged to have a new girlfriend named Momo, and she was not absolved from Queenie’s rant. “Go build the man, yuh hear that do something positive Momo, low low, your low, make some difference to him,” Queenie advised.

See the video below:

Queen did not stop there, check out more below:

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