Dowey Speaks on Latest Drama with Queenie, Going to Canada, Not Marrying for Visa, The Cars and Possible Divorce – Watch Interview

As his marriage to social media personality Queenie continues to garner controversy and much online attention, Dowey has shared his side of his and his wife’s problematic marriage and possible divorce.

After tying the knot with Queenie, Dowey migrated to England to live with his wife. However, the Portmore native recently travelled to Canada without his wife’s knowledge. Speaking on the Entertainment Report Podcast, Dowey shared that he decided to leave without telling Queenie after the pair had a dispute, and he felt he was not receiving enough sympathy.


Despite knowing his move would cause friction in his marriage, Dowey expressed no regrets, as he felt it was necessary for him to make the solo journey to Canada.

Dowey shared that he first connected to his wife via social media because he loved her vibes and that she was a very caring person. Opening up about the problems he and Queenie have encountered, Dowey said their significant age difference has caused communication issues in their relationship. He highlighted that the problems in their marriage were made even more intense due to Queenie’s habit of sharing their issues online, which led to him facing massive backlash. According to Dowey, Queenie was very different before they got married and relocated to England.

As rumours continue to circulate online that he used Queenie to travel to England, Dowey clarified that he never married the Double Tap artiste for any other reason than the genuine love he has for her. Speaking on allegations that he stole her car and money, Dowey shared that he simply took one of the two vehicles that the couple share and denied stealing any money from their multiple bank accounts.

According to Dowey, Queenie fabricated these events to ignite backlash and get him to come back to her.

Though he expressed that he still loves his wife, Dowey was seemingly uncertain in regards to when he would return to Queenie and advised viewers to take her word for it when she says they are getting a divorce. Dowey went on to speak about growing up in Portmore and his musical career, which was encouraged by Queenie.

Watch the interview below.

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