Dowey Confronts Queenie on Live Chat and Shows Stab Wound He Got – Watch Video

Thursday, September 14, 2023, 3:59 PM GMT-5

Jamaican social media sensation Queenie aka Queen Ladi Gangsta and her husband Dowey are at odds again and their issues are being spilled on the internet for everyone to see.

Notably, Queenie broke the news about their latest drama after recording a song about having her husband perform oral sex on her. According to Queenie, Dowey dissed her first in a song which prompted her to retaliate musically.



As per reports, their issues are much deeper than the songs, with the fact that Dowey hit her in her face recently causing her to seek medical attention, while on the other hand, Queenie stabbed Dowey with a pair of scissors in their latest squabble.

After seeing Queenie go live several times on the matter, Dowey joined with her in a recent live chat to tell his side of the story, show his scar and inform her that he’s currently in Canada and that she would not be getting back the car she asking him for online.

Swipe below to watch the videos.


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