Queenie Makes Steamy Song About Sitting in her Husband’s Face – Watch Video

Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 6:42 PM GMT-5

In a turn of events that has left social media buzzing, online personality Queenie unleashed a sneak peek of her forthcoming dancehall track, “No Man To Mi Goodie,” in a video shared on social media. The provocative song has sparked reactions from fans and critics alike.

The tantalising preview opens with Queenie’s confident presence inside a recording studio. With the words “this a weh me seh” as her introductory phrase, she dived into her musical offering.


In the song, the “Queen” stated her need for a specific, intimate act in no uncertain terms. The explicit lyrics leave little to the imagination as she boldly expresses her longing for oral pleasure, asserting her position as a queen and demanding reciprocity in her relationships.

With the refrain, “Mi married and mi want bwoy fi s*ck mi crotch,” Queenie emphasises her desire in the bedroom. She continued by saying that she wanted equal treatment, proclaiming that every man she has ever s*cked has done the same in return, including her husband.

As the video unfolded, Queenie’s performance became increasingly provocative. “Him love taste when mi sit inna him face,” she sang.

Suggestive dance moves and gestures punctuated the lyrics, intensifying the explicit nature of the track.

See the video below:


After sharing the video on her Instagram account, Queenie’s followers rushed to express their thoughts and opinions. Some viewers were taken aback by the explicit content, responding with a flurry of laughing-crying emojis, whilst others couldn’t help but notice her mention of her husband in the song, speculating on his willingness to embrace her desires.

See some of the comments below:

Among the comments, one user admitted to having no “good” words to offer and chose to move on.

See the comment below:

Others pointed to the producer and the direction dancehall music has headed as they outlined their disapproval of the song.

See some of the comments below:


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