Queenie Resiliently Addresses Face Injury and Haters on Social Media – Watch Video

Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 7:05 PM GMT-5

In a bold and candid move, dancehall artiste and social media personality Queenie took to her online platforms to showcase a face injury she sustained and to send a powerful message to her detractors.

In a video shared on her social media page, Queenie provided an intimate glimpse into her struggle, shedding light on her resilience in the face of adversity.

According to Queenie, on August 19, 2023, she experienced a face injury that led to the development of a cyst. She revealed that this injury required her to seek medical attention, which led to her admittance to The University Hospital of the West Indies on Sunday, August 27. Throughout this challenging period, Queenie stated that she exhibited composure.


During the video, “Lady Gangsta” removed her bandage to reveal her injury, bravely showing her followers the extent of her condition.

With remarkable candour, she explained that a hole was in her face for the draining of the cyst. She acknowledged that discussing her injury and the subsequent medical procedure might’ve caused her to express her emotions by screaming and shouting but urged her audience not to take offence at her reactions.

See a photo of Queenie revealing her injury below:


In addition, Queenie expressed her reasons for her choices and appearance. She boldly stated that her wardrobe choices and wearing of revealing dresses that showcased her breasts were a source of comfort and empowerment.

In the video, “Queen” raised poignant questions about resilience and the limits of endurance. “How much more can one take?” she rhetorically asked, capturing the essence of her emotional and physical ordeal. She revealed that she had briefly left her medical care to fulfil her work commitments, underscoring her dedication to her craft and livelihood.

One of the most moving moments in the video was Queenie’s candid admission that she often felt like she couldn’t catch a break. She expressed frustration about the relentless negativity she faced from her adversaries and pleaded with them to give her some space.

Despite her struggles, “Queen” managed to turn the narrative around and highlighted the resilience she believed her haters were lacking. She boldly pointed out that her adversaries were experiencing their own stress and deterioration, even without a physical injury to blame.

See the video below:



Queenie’s Instagram followers rallied around her, showering her with support, prayers, and encouragement. Some even suggested that she consider seeking medical care in England.

See some of the comments below:

Queenie Comments


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